GLT Packaging Corporation proudly offers packaging solutions for a multitude of markets. We strategically partner with customers to provide:

  • Expertise in making/setting displays
  • Solutions to space or labor issues
  • Receipt and kitting of multiple items
  • 100% inspected quality


In retail, packaging can make a big difference in sales. Even the best product can be stunted by poor packaging design. At GLT, we have in-house graphics professionals who can work with you to make your product’s packaging stand out from the crowd. Whether you need full litho label or direct print displays, GLT will work with you to meet your specific needs.

Food & Beverage

When packaging food or beverages, protection is the key – protection from contaminants and spoiling, but also protection from breaks and leaks. Put your trust in our 30 years of experience in packaging, we know the necessary steps to ensure protection for food & beverage products.


We’re here to help suppliers meet the most stringent requirements and design changes. GLT Packaging has been serving the automotive industry for as long as we’ve been in business. Let GLT provide engineering expertise, along with a wide array of materials to protect your vehicles, products and components.


GLT provides a wide range of packaging products to prevent scratches and dents in furniture that can lessen its value by a considerable margin. The shipping process can be a rough period in a piece of furniture’s life cycle, which is why packaging is so important in this industry. GLT can package your furniture so securely that you will never have to worry about damage during shipment.

ATV & Marine

Heavy duty packaging and a heavy duty industry go hand in hand. GLT has experience in designing display packaging, as well as the knowledge to design heavy duty packaging for the large, heavy or unwieldy parts typical of the ATV and Marine Industries.


Industrial packaging can come in a variety of forms, but all require efficient use of space and superior protection. Place your industrial packaging needs in our hands – we will carefully design and manufacture the packaging best suited for your product’s needs.

Send us your products, and we will eliminate headaches so you can focus on core competencies.

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