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Production Supervisor

GLT Packaging is looking for a highly motivated and responsible individual to work with multiple machine centers and the people running those machines. We are seeking someone who understands the team approach and that people are our company’s greatest asset. Effective communication and goal setting will be critical to the success of an individual in this role. You must communicate on a daily basis to both management and production employees. An effective leader in this position will be able to educate and work with employees in order to meet production goals.


An assembler is responsible for putting together component parts or pieces adhering to a specified set of blueprints or schematics. An Assembler should be a person who can work well within a team and collaborate with people from other departments.

Fork Lift Operator

Operate sit-down (propane/electric) fork lift to help assist the production of goods and organization of the warehouse.

Customer Service Representative

This position requires you to work well within a team and provide superior communication to customers and account representatives. You will also provide support and information to design, production, and assembly departments. You will be required to function in a professional manner and must be detailed orientated in order to help increase our value as a packaging supplier.

Machine Operator

A machine operator is responsible for the setup and running of orders through a machine. An operator is required to communicate with management in order to achieve production goals that require a strong attention to detail. An operator must be able to accurately take measurements to meet manufacturing requirements.

Machine Assistant

A machine assistant is responsible for aiding a machine operator in the setup and running of a machine. An assistant should be able to read and take measurements during the setup process and work well within a team and be able to execute instructions given to them by the machine operator. An assistant should be able to lift up to 30 lbs on a consistent basis to aid in the loading and unloading of material.


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